This Tiefling Wizardess is on the run from her devil-ridden past, seeking magical thrills on the way.


Born Reita Medina Belacova, Ink is the daughter of a Scion of Bael Turath, Lady Samaara Belacova, mistress of the Archdevil Mephistocles. She has seven evil older sisters, all of which are warlocks, having made pacts with devils.

Ink grew up in a secluded manor in the mountains of the Nentir Vale, groomed to be a powerful warlock like her sisters. Instead, she took to studying musty tomes and scrolls, learning magic in a far more disciplined way.

Ink ran away from home, abandoning her devilish heritage to pursue the life of a Mage, learning spells and rituals as she travels as opposed to joining a magic academy. The sultry young Tiefling felt she couldn’t prosper in a musty old tower, studying her life away.

Ink is currently traveling with the Champions of Fullmoon, having a close friendship with Fa’Lon and Horvis. She professes to be looking after the two of them, feeling their martial and primal abilities lack finesse and skill.

Ink is known to be a closet pervert, delighting in more exotic races. She’s only known to dislike Dragonborn.

In a recent battle with one of her warlock sisters, Ea the Wrathful, Ink suffered serious wounds. She and her friends killed Ea, but Ink lost an eye in the process. She now wears an eyepatch.


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