Horvis Burnamthorpe

This half-elf druid is an outcast from both elven and human societies. With his white wolf companion Frost, he brings justice to the wilderness.


Horvis Burnamthorpe is a half-elf orphan, raised by the Druids of the Cloak Wood. He was found as an infant with his wolf companion in the arms of his dead human mother, alone in the wilderness.

Raised lean and hard, Horvis developed a hatred of both his parent races, preferring the company of animals to that of people from civilized lands. He has grown into a formidable druid of winter, harnessing the power of the cold to vanquish his enemies.

He treats his animal companion, a giant white wolf named Frost, as a brother. His newfound travelling companions, Fa’Lon Varthra and Ink, journey with him for Frost’s friendship as much as his own.

Horvis’s true longing is to find his father, whom he believes left his mother and him to die in the woods. He knows that his father is an Eladrin of some higher standing, most likely royalty. Until he has revenge, he will not be truly satisfied.

Dark, brooding, and somewhat sullen, Horvis is ribbed and teased by his more jovial companions often, in an effort to try and make him smile. So far, their efforts have only been marginally successful.

Horvis Burnamthorpe

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