Fa'lon Varthra

This sassy, sexy, and stealthy Dwarf Rogue seeks to make a name for herself, one dungeon at a time.


Fa’Lon Varthra is the third child of Helsa and Fargrim Varthra, two prominent Dwarves from Hammerfast.

True to her Dwarven heritage, much of Fa’Lon is defined by family. Helsa Varthra, a disgraced Captain of the Guard and merciless warrior, raised her children to be mighty heroes with an upbringing of extreme and grueling training. Her mother’s steely pride and ‘Death before failure’ attitude made her children strong. Unfortunately, it also killed them. Helsa’s harsh methods led to Fa’Lon’s older brothers (Malen and Ber’sten) dying during their training.

“I guess age 12 is too young to fight an Ogre…who whoulda’ thought?” Helsa lamented.

It was when Fa’Lon was born, her father decided perhaps he was better suited to raising their children.

“Fa’Lon, when you can forge a perfect blade, then you can weild it” Fargrim taught. “A tempered warrior is like tempered steel: it needs to be folded, shaped, and honed before it can pierce a foe”

“I need to be folded?” Fa’Lon asked.

“Just hit the metal with the hammer, sweetie”

Now, Fa’Lon seeks adventure, fortune, and thrills outside of Hammerfast, looking to shape her own destiny as a nimble rogue and scout for hire. A bit naive, she’s a happy-go-lucky kind of gal who’s quick with a story and quicker with an axe.

She’s easy on the eyes, and certainly knows it. She leaves a trail of admirers in her wake, even among her enemies.

Currently, she’s journeying with Horvis Burnamthorpe and Ink. She’s especially fond of Horvis’ animal companion, Frost.

Fa'lon Varthra

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